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Endau Rompin Selai National Park Entry from Bekok Town

Endau Rompin  National Park Malaysia

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Activities & Attractions

Activities inside the park:

Bird Watching

Selai is the land of endless waterfalls. Countless waterfalls-great and small are found inside the park. They are really the jewel of the forest. Some of the well-known waterfalls are Takah Tinggi,Takah Pandan,Takah Berangin,Takah Beringin.

Water Tubing

The terrain here is rugged. the facilities minimal, which makes the whole experience as authentic as it can get. Selai lies in the core area of Endau-Rompin, at the foothill of Gunung Tiong.

The vegetation here has been spared the swing of an axe for centuries, and even scientists have yet to fully unravel its secrets, Hornbills flying across the river during the fruiting season make for a delightful sight. Fish feeding time at the jetty can be quite awesome too, as the placid water is suddenly churned up by schools of more than 20 species of fish, all competing for a bite. Apart from trekking and communing with Nature, try your hand at a ‘temiang’ or blowpipe, or at setting animal traps Orang Asli-style. Night falls swiftly in the forest.
An Orang Asli legend has it that there was once a celestial princess who possessed the power of innate body heal. When she descended upon Earth, the scorching heat that emanated from her body led to a drought. This caused the mighty river that flowed from Gunung Besar to be reduced to a mere trickle - the size of a strip of rattan - or ‘sehelai rotan’. Hence forever after, the river was called Selai, and the park that was later created there took this name.
As for the legend, anyone visiting Selai today will have no doubt that it is all in the distant past. For this is a blessed place. Hiking across Selai entails scenic river crossings via rope bridges, and hopping along the boulders that dot the Selai River. No matter how long you trek, the exhilarating sound of water rushing over rocks is never far away. Nature’s adornment here comes in the form of a series of photogenic waterfalls. No less than 20 are to be found around the park. each one seemingly prettier than the one before. The most spectacular of these is the Takah Tinggi, which is spread over an elevation of seven tiers! It has such an atmospheric quality that the Orang Asli say spirits dwell in its upper reaches.

Panorama of new facilities and accommodation

Trekking to the waterfalls:

Before start trekking, it is compulsory to hire a guide & always follow park's regulations

Takah Selow
Takah Pandan


Takah Tinggi

Takah Tinggi

Scenery at Lubuk Tapak (Jungle Huts Area)